Pharmacovigilance Committee Report any Suspected Adverse Drug Reaction
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Department of Pharmacology


It is mandatory for every medical college in India to have a Pharmacovigilance Committee, as per regulations of Medical Council of India, 2010. Therefore, the Pharmacovigilance Committee of SBKS Medical Institute & Research center was established on 1st July, 2011.


The broad goal of the committee will be to generate awareness about Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) amongst all  health care providers (doctors, consultants, nurses, pharmacists, post graduate & undergraduate students, service providers etc) of SBKS MI & RC & Dhiraj Hospital to identify ADR occurring in patients admitted to Dhiraj Hospital & report the same to the appropriate authorities.


  1. To generate awareness about ADRs among health care providers and students of SBKS MI& RC & Dhiraj Hospital, by conducting different activities.
  2. To identify ADRs occurring in the patients admitted to Dhiraj Hospital and report the same to appropriate authorities. i.e. National Pharmacovigilance Center.
  3. To carry out causality analysis of ADRs
  4. To undertake scientific and research activities pertaining to ADRs
  5. To make efforts to minimize the chances of ADR and thereby make drug therapy safer & rational.
  6. To take up activities to strengthen the ongoing Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI).

Composition of the committee:

  • Dr.G.V.Shah- Dean, S.B.K.S MI & RC., Chairman
  • Dr.Maulin Mehta – Associate Professor &In charge Head, Department of Pharmacology, Convener, Pharmacovigilance committee.
  • Dr.Lavlesh Kumar-Medical Superintendent, Dhiraj Hospital, Member
  • Dr.P.R.Jha-Professor, Department of Medicine, Member
  • Dr.Vijoy Singh-Professor & Head, Department of Surgery, Member
  • Dr.Som Lakhani-Associate Professor, Department of Skin & VD, Member
  • Dr. Prasad Muley- Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Member
  • Dr.Paresh Golwala – Additional Dean, Professor & Head, Department of Orthopaedics, Member
  • Dr.Dinesh Chauhan- Professor & Head, Department of Anaesthesiology, Member
  • Dr.R.K.Pasale-Professor & Head, Department of Pathology, Member
  • Dr. Jhanvi Vaghela-Tutor, Department of Pharmacology, Member
  • Dr.Jayant Patharkar- Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Member secretary.


  1. Head of Department of Pharmacy, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth.
  2. I/C – Central Laboratory, Dhiraj Hospital
  3. Matron, Dhiraj Hospital

Tenure of the committee:

The committee shall be reconstituted every three years.

Scope of the committee:

            The committee shall meet once in 3 months. The committee shall be responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring of various activities of the Pharmacovigilance committee. They will also work as mentors and facilitators.



  • The chairman will chair & conduct all meetings and will function as administrative head of the committee.


  • The convener shall be responsible for arranging meetings and conducting activities with help of member secretary. He/she will also chair the meetings in absence of the chairman.

Member Secretary:

  • The member secretary will play the pivotal role and shall undertake following activities to help the task of the convener:
  1. Prepare agenda of the meetings and send in advance to members
  2. Arrange for the meetings, write minutes, circulate and document the same.
  3. Organize the awareness generation programmes.
  4. Coordinate the ADR collection and reporting to the appropriate authorities.
  5. Carry out causality assessment.
  6. Coordinate the research activities.
  7. Raise a library for the committee.
  8. Carry out any other task assigned by the committee.


  • Members will primarily work as subject experts and will also do the mentoring of young faculty / resident doctors / students in the area of ADR. They will give suggestions for better and effective functioning of the committee and shall work as facilitators.