Chairperson: Head of the Institution
1 Dr. R. P. Bharaney Vice Chancellor, SV
Few Senior administrative officers
1 Dr. G. V. Shah Dean, Smt. B.K.Shah Medical Institute and Research Centre
2 Dr. Avinash Seth Principal, DOP & Research Director, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth
3 Dr. Bhavna Dave Dean, K.M.Shah Dental College & Hospital
4 Dr. Ravindra H.N. Principal, Sumandeep Nursing College
5 Dr. Subhashish Chatterjee Principal, Dept. of Management
6 Dr. Lata Parmar Principal, College of Physiotherapy
Three to Eight teachers
1 Mr. Nirmal Raj Asso. Professor, Sumandeep Nursing College
2 Dr. Nirmal Shah Asso. Professor, Department of Pharmacy
3 Dr. Pratik Kariya Asso. Professor, K.M.Shah Dental College & Hospital
4 Dr. Sameer Chauhan Asst. Professor,K.M.Shah Dental College & Hospital
5 Mr. Rahul Suthar Grade II ASLP, Dept. of  Audiology & Speech Language Pathology
6 Mr. Sunil B. Baile Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmacy
One member from Management
1 Dr. Dixit Shah
One or two nominees from Local Society, Students and Alumni
1 Mr. Ehsaan Ali Student
2 Ms. Siji Varghese Student
3 Mr. Vrunda Patel Student
4 Mr. Aakash Sadhnani Student
5 Dr. Maharshi Patel Alumni
6 Dr.Ninad Bhatt Alumni
7 Mrs. Vruti Patel Alumni

One / two nominees from employer / industrialist / stakeholders

1 Mr. Laheri Shah

Director of IQAC

1 Dr. Chandramani B. More