Criteria 7

Describe gender equity & sensitization in curricular and co-curricular activities, facilities for women on campus etc., within 500 words

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Annual Gender Sensitization Action Plan

    Facilities provided for women’s in terms of

  • Safety and security
  • Counseling
  • Common Rooms
  • Day Care Centre for Young Children.
Any other relevant information
List of Program Celebrated and Organized on Gender sensitization.
Grievance Redressal Portal
Central Level Committees – To address issues at workplace and to ensure safety and security of students and staff
  • Students counseling and mentoring committee
  • Grievances redressal committee
  • Anti-ragging committee
  • Safety and security committee
  • Students, staff welfare and student council committee

The Institution has facilities for alternate sources of energy conservation measures

Web link:

  • Facilities for alternate sources of Energy – Geotagged Photographs
  • Any other relevant information