• To strengthen linguistics skills of the students of the University to facilitate them in learning process and interaction with peers, teachers, patients and community.
  • To build up soft skills and entrepreneurial skills amongst the students to boost the employability, career advancement and make them globally competent.
  • To counsel the students about future prospects available for further education and employment opportunities and guide them for different competitive and eligibility examinations.
  • To develop an industry interface for assisting students for placements, industrial & educational visit.
  • To uphold good citizenship role, social justice and healthy life amongst students and staff of the University for holistic development.


  • The university shall have a Career & Competitive Examination Forum (CCEF). The working committee of the CCEF is headed by Vice Chancellor/Director General or a person nominated by them. It shall have coordinator and faculty member each from Medical, Dental and allied health sciences as nominated by the respective Head of Institutions.
  • The CCEF facilitates in delivering academic sessions on English and communication skills as per curriculum and shall arrange training for bridge program for English and Gujarati language as per the need identified by the constituent institution in line with policy of language training. It shall also organize enrichment program to sharpen English language skills for students.
  • The CCEF shall organize various training program for development and enhancement of professional career in all the constituent institutions of the university pertaining to:
    a)Soft skills and healthy life training consists of interpersonal behavior, personality development, emotions, attitude & situation management, time management, Interview techniques, development of empathetic approach for physicians, doctor patients relationship, yoga and meditation etc.
    b)An entrepreneurial skill consists of various managerial aspects for starting new business/practice.
  • The CCEF shall organize event and/or training program for holistic development relating to:
  • Citizenship role & responsibility and social justice like constituting of India, voting rights, protection against human & child rights
  • Healthy life training like yoga, meditation etc.
  • The CCEF shall engage in career counseling to the students for their further academic progress and employment opportunities. It arrange the seminar/training/session for different competitive examination and/or eligibility examination for further study in India and abroad which consists of examination in respective discipline like USMLE, AIIMS PG CET, NCLEX, CPE etc. and English language test like IELTS, TOFEL etc. for the aspirants of further study.
  • The CCEF shall maintain strong industry interface. It assists students in job placement and also facilitate in constituent institutes in arranging industrial and/or educational visit across India.
  • The CCEF is operated by central office at University level and each of the constituent institutes has a coordinator who is member of CCEF working committee.
  • The students are oriented about different activities of the CCEF during orientation program for each of the constituent institute by the member(s) of working committee.
  • Each constituent institution shall have a designated notice board of CCEF where all the circulars and notices shall be displayed.
  • The working committee of the CCEF meets at least six times in a year for review and planning of different activities. It shall take into consideration feedback reports of University and different constituent institute and direction of University leadership.
  • The CCEF shall maintain all the record and documents pertaining to the programs/events conducted.
  • The UIQAC shall review all the functions of CCEF through CCEF Performance Audit which shall be conducted within one month of end of academic year and shall submit its report to the registrar of the university within 15days of conduct of such audit with remarks and remedial measures for continual improvements.