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M. Pharm examination


A. Sessional Examination:

There shall be minimum of three Sessional examinations in each subject of specialization conducted by the college at regular interval in theory and one in practical. The sessional marks shall be awarded out of a maximum of 50 for the theory and practical as follows:



a)Written examination:

30 Marks

a) Practical examination:

30 Marks

b) Seminar:

20 Marks

b) Lab work:

20 Marks


50 Marks


50 Marks

B. University Examination (M Pharm Part‐I):

There shall be two university examinations annually conducted at an interval of not less than one month. There shall be four theory papers in the university examination. Each theory paper shall be of 3 hours duration carrying 100 marks each. The particulars of marks of Papers I, II, III and IV are given in Table‐III.

There shall be of four practical examinations in all the respective branches. The duration of each practical examination is of six hours which carries 100 marks each.

C. Criteria for Pass:

M Pharm Part‐I

A candidate who secures 50% marks in each subject in theory and practical separately including sessional marks and university examination marks together shall be declared to have passed in M Pharm part‐I examination, provided the candidate secures a minimum of 40% marks (excluding sessionals) in theory & practical separately. Candidate, who fails in theory or practical exam in a subject, shall appear for both theory and practical in the subsequent examination in that subject.Those candidates who fail in one or more subjects shall have to appear only in the subjects so failed, in the supplementary examinations.

Candidates who fail in M Pharm Part‐I examination shall be permitted to continue M Pharm Part‐II course. However such candidate shall not be permitted to submit the dissertation unless the candidate completes M Pharm part‐I examination and passes both theory and practical at a time together.

M Pharm Part‐II


i. Every candidate pursuing M Pharm course is required to carry out work on a selected research project under the guidance of a subject teacher. The results of such a work shall be submitted in the form of a dissertation.

ii. The dissertation is aimed to train a postgraduate student in research methods and techniques. It includes identification of the problem, formulation of hypothesis, review of literature, getting acquainted with recent advances, designing of a research study, collection of data, critical analysis and comparison of results and drawing conclusions.

iii. The dissertation should be written under the following headings.

1. Introduction

2. Aim and Objectives of study

3. Review of literature

4. Materials and Methods

5. Results

6. Discussion

7. Conclusion

8. Summary

9. References

10. Annexure

iv. The written text of dissertation shall be not less than 50 pages and shall not exceed 150 pages excluding references, tables, questionnaires and other annexure. It should be neatly typed with double line spacing on one side of the bond paper (A4 size, 8.27” x 11.69”) and bound properly. Spiral binding should be avoided. The dissertation shall be certified by the guide and co‐guide; if any, Head of the department and Head of the Institution. The dissertation shall be submitted at least two month before the end of M Pharm part‐II term.

v. A guide shall be a full time postgraduate teacher of an institution affiliated to Sumandeep Vidyapeeth University and recognized by SVU as a guide for supervision of a dissertation work. However a co‐guide can be opted wherever required. The co‐guide shall also be a postgraduate teacher recognized by SVU as guide.

vi. Synopsis: A candidate shall submit synopsis to the Principal, Dept. of Pharmacy, SV of the intended project work through the guide, HOD and Head of the institution, not later than nine months from the date of admission to M Pharm Part‐I on or before the date specified by SV.


Five copies of the dissertation ( one copy each for internal & external examiner, University & College library and candidate) duly certified by the Guide, Head of the Department and the Principal shall be submitted to the Registrar, SV through the Principal two months before the final examination notified by SV.


The Viva‐Voce examination shall aim at assessing the depth of knowledge, logical reasoning, confidence and oral communication skills.The Viva‐Voce examination shall be held after the submission of dissertation. If any candidate fails to submit the dissertation on or before the date prescribed, his / her Viva‐Voce shall be conducted during the subsequent examination which shall not be earlier than six months from the date fixed in the first instances.


There shall be at least two examiners in each branch/ specialization, out of them one shall be the external examiner and other one shall be the internal examiner. The internal examiner ordinarily be the guide.

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