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Sumandeep College of Nursing

Address:- Waghodia chokadi,NH-8

                  At Post:- Piparia,


City or Suburb:- waghodia

State or Province:- GUJARAT

Postal / ZIP Code:- 391760

Country:- INDIA

Telephone:- 0266-245027

Patient Care & Services


Routine Care
Preparation of the admission unit
Developing interpersonal relationship with patient
Patient teaching
Assessment of patient
Preparing care plan for patient
Administration of Medication
Preparation of records & Reports
Taking care of the Equipments (including Electronic)
Providing safe and clean enviourment.
Assessing for Hygienic practice
Helping for sleep & rest
Care of Chest drainage
Oxygen administration
Meeting Psychological needs
Infection control
Preoperative care
Care of Terminally ill patients
Helping Discharge
Evaluation: -
Written assignment
Term Examination in 4 quarters including final examination
Written assignments
Care plan
Care Study
Mini project
Observation Visit
Preclinical clinical problems
Internship (integrated)
Psychiatric department
Assisting for ECT
Health Education
Routine Care
Helping for daily activity Hygienic needs
Taking care of patient Unit
Taking care of electronics and electric equipments
Maintaining clean & safe environment
Taking patient care in ICU  
Pre Clinical
Nutrition Demonstration for therapeutic diet
Demonstration CPR in lab
Bed making
Catheter care for Elimination needs
Gastric lavage
Ento trecal tube incubation
Radiology Department
Helping for the patient for chemotherapy & radiation therapy
Conducting labour
Assisting LSCS
Assisting surgery in operation theater
Assisting for patient procedure
Dressing with aseptic technique
Ophthalmic ward
Eye irrigation
Assisting cataract surgery
Helping the patient to moving
ENT Ward
Aseptic Technique procedure
Ear irrigation
Ng tube feeding
ET Tube