1. To revise and update the curriculum of all subjects for under graduate and post graduate programmes.
  2. To conduct workshops on Principles and Practice of Education Technology in Medical Education for teachers.
  3. To conduct training programmes in research methodology & evidence based medical education system for teachers, post graduate students and under graduate students.
  4. To teach using newer teaching and evaluation methods like PBL, Microteaching, OSCE & OSPE and MCQ etc.
  5. To conduct multi disciplinary weekly academic meetings, integrated teaching programmes, problem based learning etc.
  6. To encourage under graduate students for preparing short term research projects and submits the same to ICMR.
  7. To organize rural medical camps in Community, Blood donation camps etc.
  8. To educate the community on health issues through radio and TV talks and articles in print media.
  9. To further improve the infrastructure facilities for effective teaching and research activities.
  10. To continue following Evidence Based Education System as implemented at present.
  11. To develop regional centre at SBKSMIRC for faculty developemnet programme.