PRISM Initiatives:

The MEU was established as per regulatory requirements of the MCI and is functioning as per set norms and standards. However there was a felt need by the core committee to go beyond the minimum requirements and explore new horizons. This gave birth to the PRISM initiative. Just like the prism which breaks incident white light into its component waves and creates the beautiful rainbow, the PRISM initiative of MEU endeavors to delve into the different constituent components of medical education and serve it in manageable proportion to the different stakeholders.

  1. UG orientation programme
  2. Internship orientation programme
  3. PG Orientation Programme
  4. Specific skill building workshops for faculties – Microteaching, MCQ framing & Item analysis,OSCE/OSPE, Integrated teaching.
  5. PG skills development workshops – Microteaching / Group Dynamics Workshops
  6. UG skill development workshops – EviGenCHIPworkshop
  7.  Research initiatives – Student Research , Education Research