Smt Bhikhiben K Shah Medical Institute and Research Center (SBKS MI&RC) is a post graduate institute for Education and Research, Pipaira, Vadodara is mandated to

  • Provide high quality Patient care.
  • Attain Self-Sufficiency in graduate and postgraduate medical education and to meet the country’s need for highly qualified medical teachers in all medical and surgical disciplines.
  • Provide Educational facilities for the training of personnel in all important branches of health activity.
  • Undertake Basic Community based research.


  • The Charter is a statement that acknowledges the right to health, right of self-determination, the right to information, the right to respect for privacy, the right to religious and philosophical freedom.
  • Everyone has a basic right of access to an organized and structured health care system, in which the hospital, along with other services, fulfils its own role.
  • This charter intends to provide guidelines which enables citizens to better understand:-
    1. The services & facilities available in SBKS MI&RC and Dhiraj Hospital as a part thereof.
    2.  The quality care & quality of services user are entitled to,
    3. Complaint redressel system through which complaints regarding   denial or poor quality of services can be redressed.