A. The four storied building of the college houses the following departments and offices:

  1. Department of Anatomy
  2. Department of Physiology
  3. Department of Biochemistry
  4. Department of Pharmacology
  5. Department of Microbiology
  6. Department of Forensic Medicine and toxicology
  7. Department of community Medicine
  8. Department of Pathology
  9. Office of the Dean
  10. Administrative Office and students’ section
  11. College Council room
  12. Medical Education Unit
  13. Examination Hall

B.Academic facilities:

I)Lecture Theatres:

 There are 6 gallery (air-conditioned) type lecture theatres in the college and 1 in the hospital.  Each one has the seating capacity of 300. Lecture theatres are equipped with the state of art   audiovisual aids like LCD projector and audio system, overhead projectors, chalk board and  internet connectivity etc. One gallery type centrally air-conditioned lecture theatre having seating  capacity 650 persons and fully equipped with audiovisual facilities is also available.

II)Demonstration rooms:

Each of the above 8 departments has 4 demonstration rooms ( total 32) with seating capacity of 60-75 students in each. These are used for small group teaching, tutorials, demonstrations etc.

III) Laboratory:

Each department has its own laboratories for UG and PG students. They are fully equipped with instruments and facilities to impart practical knowledge and skills.

IV)       Auditorium:

 One gallery type centrally air-conditioned auditorium having seating capacity 500 persons and fully equipped with audiovisual facilities is also available.

V) Common Rooms:

 Separate common rooms for boys and girls are available with toilet facility.

VI)       Library:

a) Central Library for both UG and PG students as well as for the staff is available. Central library has facility to accommodate 400 UG students, 300 PG students and 50 teachers in separate rooms. Timing of the library is from 8 AM to 10 PM on working days and reading room is kept open 24 hours by 7 days by 365 days. Library works for 3 shifts every day and is adequately staffed. Central library is fully air-conditioned. Number of the books in the library is 21818. 117 regularly subscribed journals of which 65 are foreign journals are regularly subscribed.

The other facilities in the central library include TV, VCR and photocopy facilities, internet and Medlar, air-conditioned computer lab with 50 nodes and audiovisual room with 1754 CD/DVDs.

b) Departmental Libraries:  Each department has its own library cum seminar room. Departmental library have sufficient number of books for use by the teaching staff and students.

VII) Animal House:

 An air-conditioned central animal house with adequate number of small animals for experimental and research work, along with ancillary facilities, is available separately on the campus. The animal house is registered with CPCSEA, is staffed with veterinary officer, animal attendants, technicians and sweepers. Institutional Animal Ethics Committee is appointed to oversee the working of animal house.

VIII) Examination Hall:

Separate examination hall is available with seating capacity of 1250.

C. Hospital:

D. Residential facilities:

 Hostels: Separate hostels are available with capacity to accommodate undergraduate students (400 for boys and 594 girls to accommodate). In addition hostels for postgraduate students are available with 468 accommodation capacity.

Residential Staff quarters: Flat type accommodation for 125 teachers ( Professor/Associate professor/Assistant professors) is available.

Accommodation for 120 nurses is also available.

E. Mess and cafeteria: Mess and dining facility to accommodate 720 students at a time, along with separate facility for faculty is available. Cafeteria to accommodate 70 persons at a time is additionally available.

F. Recreational facilities: A play ground for games like football, volley ball, cricket etc is available with necessary equipments and paraphernalia. Indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess etc are available in hostels and student common room. A fully equipped gymnasium is also available.

G. Medical facilities for students and Staff:

  1. Medical students & staff are accorded priority on attendance and comforts.
  2. They are entitled to 25% on more of concession by the trust on Hospital Charges for self and family.
  3. For non-affording situations more than above is also considered on application by the individual to the trust office.
  4. To the permanent female staff maternity leave is available as per rules.
  5. 5.        Free obstetric & neonatal pediatrics services are available to   Sumandeep lady staff members.
  6. Immunization & extension Health services are offered to the members of Sumandeep employees.
  7. All staff is otherwise entitled to concessional rates as offered to general public also.