The Central Clinical Laboratory offers services in investigation related to Biochemistry, Pathology and Microbiology. It caters to the needs of OPD and indoor patients. Laboratory functions for 24 hours a day and 365 days of a year. Routine investigations are accepted till 5:00p.m. after which only emergency investigations are accepted.


  1. Semi Auto Analyzer – Accucare
  2. Semi Auto Analyzer – RA – 50, BAYER
  3. Flam Photo Meter
  4. Artierial Blood Gas Analyzer – ICU
  5. Automatic Urine Analyzer
  6. Conifer Cell Counter – 3 part Nihon Kohden
  7. Elisa Reader – Micro – Strip Reader
  8. Elisa Washer – Micro Semi automatic
  9. Electrolytes Analyzer – Prolyte ( Na+ , K+, Cl- )
  10. Colorimeter
  11. Laboratory Centrifuge – 03
  12. Needle destroyer – 01
  13. Incubator – 01
  14. Electric Hot Plate with magnetic stirrer- 01

With the help of these equipment approx. 4000 tests per day are performed in the laboratory.

Department of Pathology at Dhiraj General Hospital and S.B.K.S. Medical College and research centre of Sumandeep Vidyapeeth offers services in sphere of patient care and, training, education and research. Blood Bank is part of department of pathology.
Blood bank is functioning since JUNE 2004. Blood Bank has facilities for whole blood and blood component preparation. It confirms the rules and regulation lay down by food and drug control authority, Gujarat state regarding space, equipments, the battery of tests, storage, supply and bleeding procedure. Blood bank has a license for voluntary blood donation camp. Voluntary blood donation is supported by students of Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, NGOs and various organization.
It is headed by head of pathology department and supervised by BBO, professor, asst. prof. It is assisted by resident doctors, technicians and supporting staff. Blood bank works round the clock and meet the required blood demand of planned as well as emergency patients. Average supply of blood unit per year is 2000 units.


Equipments available
  1. MRI – 1
  2. CT Scan – 2
  3. Colour Doppler – 1
  4. Ultra Sonography – 2
  5. X-ray machine 800, 500 with IITV, 300 mA
  6. X-ray machine 60 mA – 6
  7. Mammography Machine – 1
  8. CR System
Diagnostic Imaging Procedures
  • Contrast studies
  • Angiographies
  • Biopsies and other procedure under imaging guidance
  • USG guided biopsy
  • C.T. Guided biopsy


  • Ambulance with Driver will be standby at Casualty Departments x 24 hours.
  • Driver to be present (24 hrs) Not to leave Casualty Dept
  • O2 cylinder should be fitted inside the ambulance.
  • IV Fluids, Emergency drug tray, Resuscitation equipment, Emergency light
  • Stretcher -01(minimum) with 2 Bed sheets + 2 Pillows to be kept inside ambulance.
  • Four stretchers (Swaraj Mazda) with 4 Bed sheets and 4 Pillows to be kept inside ambulance.
  • Ambulance siren & Red light should be functioning.
  • Ward boys to be trained in loading/unloading patients.
  • Ambulance staff training for handling of acute patients and CPR.
  • Ambulance staff trained in preventing injury aggravation and maintenance of asepsis.

Ambulance Driver

  • To be detailed by name by transport Manager.
  • Mobile Nos of ambulance drivers should be known to casualty dept. Type a list and display in Casualty.
  • Driver to ensure daily maintenance of ambulance and confirm that it is functional every morning.
  • Transport manager to give road worthiness clearance every day morning at 0800h.
  • Dress: Emergency team will wear blue jacket with emergency written in yellow.


  • Sumandeep Bus service (from Panigate to Dhiraj General Hospital & Back) – Free Bus service for patients every two hours.
  • Local Bus Service – Every ½ hour
  • Private Auto rickshaws – Available throughout the day up to 22:00 Hrs.

Emergency Medical Service. (Casualty)



Operation Theatres