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Parent Teacher Association

Constitution of Parents Teacher Association

1. Name: The name of. the Association shall be Parent Teacher Association, SBKSMI&RC,Sumandeep Vidhyapeeth.

2. Office: The office of the PTA shall be SBKSMI&RC,Sumandeep Vidhyapeeth.

3. Aims and Objectives:

1.To work for the welfare of the students and the institution and to offer constructive suggestions for the smooth and successful functioning of the college.

2.To review the performance both in acedemic as well as  in extracurriclar fields.

3.To promote better participation of the parents in the various programs of the college and to establish better liaison with teachers.

4. Membership:

1.The parents/guardians of all students on the rolls of the college during the respective academic year shall be members of PTA.

2.The Dean and Addtional Dean shall be honorary members of PTA.

5. Cessation:

When a student leaves the college, the parent/guardian of the student shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the PTA.

 6.Structure of the Executive Committee:

 (i) President - Dr Lalit Kumar Arya  (Parent)

(ii) Vice-President – Trushna Shah (Teacher)

(iii) Secretary – Dr Himani Pandya   (Teacher) 

(iv) Joint-Secretary – Mr Nirmal Arya  (Parent)

(v) Executive Members – 10  (Five Frm Parents and Five from Teacher)

  1. Dr Geetanjali Purohit  
  2. Dr Bhavita Patel  
  3. Dr Puja Dulo
  4. Mrs Seema Toshniwal
  5. Mrs Hiral Panchal
  6. Dr Rajnish Tiwari
  7. Mr Hitesh Shah
  8. Dr Naresh Lalawani
  9. Mrs Alpa Dani
  10. Mr Bahvin Shah

7.Duties of Office Bearers:

1. President: The president shall be the chief executive authority of the PTA and shall have the following powers and duties.

• To chair the general body meeting and conduct the proceedings.

• To chair and the meetings of Executive Committee and to exercise a casting vote in the event of tie.

• To direct, guide and supervise the working of the PTA.

• To lead all delegations, negotiations, give timely suggestions etc.


2. Vice-President:

• To assist the President and the Committee in general in conducting the business of the PTA

• To carry on the duties and the functions of the President in his/her absence.

3. Secretary:

The Secretary shall perform such functions as the committee may determine from time to time.

• To ensure the maintenance of the registers up to date.

• To arrange proper safe custody of all documents and other properties belonging to the PTA.

• To sanction and incur contingent and other expenditure within the limits prescribed or approved by the Executive committee.

4 Joint-Secretary:

• To assist the Secretary and the committee in general for the smooth functioning of the PTA.


8. Structure of the General Body:

  • Shall consist of all memebrs (Parents) and honorary memebrs (Dean and Addtional Dean) of Parents Teacher Associaation.
  • Meeting will be once in a year
  • Quorum - One third members of PTA.

9. Duration of Meeting : Once in a year and informal Meeting with the parents as and when its required.

Duration of office bearers from the date of joining is two years.

10.Feedback : Association also obtain feedback from the parents.

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