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The word “mentor” originated from the book “The Odyssey”. The character Odysseus had a close friend named Mentor who cared for his son for ten years while he traveled. Mentor, who was the goddess Athena in disguise, embodied male and female qualities such as being nurturing, supportive, protective, as well as aggressive, assertive, and risk taking. Mentor acted in the role of parent, teacher, friend, guide, and protector to Odysseus’s son

Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development; mentoring entails informal communication, usually face-to-face and during a sustained period of time, between a person who is perceived to have greater relevant knowledge, wisdom, or experience (the mentor) and a person who is perceived to have less (the mentee).


After joining the Professional course, students face pressures, which may be academic, personal, or career related. At times they may feel stressed and interfering in their pursuits. There is cross cultural, neo-ethnic convergence, increasing academic competition, Peer pressure, unique adolescent problems, mounting career demand, etc. among the student community. To prevent student going through these stress factors and to help them overcome the above mentioned problems, the Local Mentor and counselor system is implemented in the College where in a teacher acts as Local Mentor and counselor to a allocated group of students. Each teacher helps the students to cope up academically, give personal Counselling, extend career guidance, support co-curricular activities, co-ordinate welfare activities, interact with their parents, seek student’s involvement in pursuit of college vision and objectives and establish healthy, co-operative and academic ambience in the College.


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