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Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics


Nutrition is the science and art of applying the principles of food science and human nutrition to attain and maintain human health. Dietetics & food service management is a versatile profession, which requires professionals to use their knowledge, communication and creative skills in attaining and maintaining patient’s health. Dieticians and Nutritionists are paramedical healthcare professionals, who with their nutritional, food science and human nutrition knowledge help in achieving and maintaining good health.

The dietetics and food service department is an integral part of Dhiraj hospital’s healthcare system.

Dhiraj Hospital is the 1st and only IDA (Indian Dietetic Association) approved hospital in Gujarat for Registered Dietician’s [RD] training.

Dietetic department is run by qualified nutritionist Dr Sheetal ChhayaPhD, RD (Chief Dietician. & Assistant Professor) and her team.

Dept of Clinical Nutrition / Dietary Services

MISSION: To impart knowledge and educate patients about therapeutic diets and to improve the quality of hospital food service through continuous research, education and training and information dissemination.


VISION: The vision of the department is to excel in field of clinical dietetics and to be the frontrunner in imparting practical education and training.

Dieticians at Dhiraj Hospital


·       To direct comprehensive nutrition programme for the care and treatment of patients in the hospital and impart teaching of nutrition care to Dietetic interns.

·        To supervise the functioning of the Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Department in the hospital. Assigns responsibilities to the Department staff to ensure smooth functioning of the department.

·       To take clinical rounds and carry out the Nutritional Assessment of all the Indoor patients and personal discussion with the patients, obtain the diet history, food tolerance and allergies of the patient.

·       To visit patients in ward or specialty rounds ,educate and assist patients and families in how to choose meals from a modified therapeutic selective menu

·       To provide and explains materials and publications to patient in support of the nutrition care plan


·       To participate in in-service training program and demonstration of nutrition assessment methods to medical students, Dietetic interns, and nursing students.

Role & Responsibilities of Food Service Dietician

·         Supervision of food purchases in respect to quality, quantity, inventories etc.

·         Instruction on food and food preparation etc. and to check wastage.

·         Dealing with therapeutic diets.

·       To issue instructions on food handling, cooking, distribution and sanitation to employs and to supervise cleaning of department.

·         To attend to diet clinics and OPD patients.

·         To do ward rounds as per time table.

·         Checking the bills, stock, books, chalan and passing them to the accounts section for payments.

Hospital Dietary Services

 The department caters to the nutritional requirements of about 800 patients per day on an average.

The Hospital kitchen houses most sophisticated “State of Art “equipments with an efficient exhaust and fresh air system. It has a separate storage area for dry ration and deep freezer/cold storage facility for perishables. The 3 sink washing system ensures hygienic and most efficient cleaning of utensils. The garbage clearance is promptly done at frequent intervals. The central RO system ensures clean and potable drinking water.

Nutritional Care of Patients:

In Patients: The department provides normal, modified and therapeutic diets to all the in patients depending on their respective disease conditions in consultation with treating physician of the individual patient. Dieticians take extensive ward rounds and assess the patient’s requirements. Detailed diet history of the patients is taken, bio chemical parameters evaluated and nutritional assessment done. Every patient on special diets is given individual diet counseling. The patients’ compliance with the diet is evaluated and changes are made if necessary. All the patients on special diet are also provided a detailed diet chart at the time of discharge. The patients then visit the OPD for their follow up.

OPD Clinic: Out patients referred from various departments are given diet counseling’s at the Diet clinic, Room no.-32, on the ground floor of the main building. The OPD timings are from 9 am to 5 pm.

Besides this, the department also works in close association with:

·       Diabetic Clinic

·       Dept of OBG for counseling pregnant and lactating mothers

·       Conducts food exhibitions

·       Active participation in Diabetic, cardiac and other camps conducted.

·       Celebrates special days like Diabetes day, Nutrition week, breast feeding week etc.


·         The mission of the Dietetic Internship Program is to provide students with a high quality educational and supervised practical experience that will prepare them as competent and effective dietetic practitioners for entry-level positions in general dietetics. The philosophy of the Program is to integrate knowledge and critical thinking skills with service. The focus on service affords the Program an opportunity to emphasize professional practice that facilitates modification of personal food choices, food access and food systems.



i)      Internship Training as a Part of Post Graduation:  the department provides six to twelve weeks internship training to students of PG Diploma in Dietetics and students of M.Sc Foods & Nutrition from M.S. University as well as to students from SNDT University and Anand Agricultural University. The selection of candidates is strictly on the basis of merit. 

ii)    RD (Registered Dietician) Internship Training: Extensive practical training training for a period of six months is offered for postgraduate candidates in two batches of four per year from anywhere in India.  The selection of candidates is strictly on the basis of merit.

iii) Fee Structure

A sum of Rs.  fifteen hundred (Rs.1500/-) per month is charged for providing internship training as per the instructions of  the Registrar Sumandeep Vidyapeeth. Accommodation -limited seats on sharing basis may be provided in hostels depending upon availability on regular charges.

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