Patient Satisfaction

1. SARADCHAND NARAYANRAV GAYEKWAD, IPD NO. I1101170109, SPECIAL ROOM BLOCK - 2 (SURGERY) - I was admitted in this hospital for knee replacement surgery. I am now completely feeling well. I am grateful to orthopedic surgeons of the team for operation and kindness towards me.

2. NARMADIBAI LACHHUBHAI HARIJAN, OPD No. 1102240390, OBST & GYNEC, - Everything is fine. we will come again and send other patients here for the treatment also.

3. DINESHBHAI MOHANLAL SOLANKI, OPD NO. 1102190316, GENERAL MEDICINE,- we are satisfied with your treatment and services, will come again.

4. SUNDARDAS V PARWANI, OPD NO – 1102170289, GENERAL MEDICINE - This is the best hospital in all over Gujarat. Thanks to all

5. SABERABIBI ZARIFKHAN PATHAN, IPD NO - I1103040100, FEMALE SURGERY WARD -This is the best hospital for the poor and helpless people. Thanks to all

6. DINESHKUMAR TRIPATHI, IPD NO - I1103250082, SPECIAL ROOM BLOCK - 2 (SURGERY)- This is the best hospital in India for all kind of treatment under one roof with the low cost.

7. FATESHINH BAHADURSHINH PARIHAR, OPD NO – 1012290016, OPHTHALMOLOGY- GOD will help u all because u people have helped us. Thanks.

and many more .....

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