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Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) accepted studies

List of Completed Research Projects - ICMR - Student
Sr. No. Name of Student & Department Co-Investigator(s) & Department(s) Title incl. sample size

1 Mr.Ashutosh Patel (Physiology) Mr. U. I. Bhatt Assessment of Anthropometric obesity parameters in Rural & Urban Adolescent population (Sample size: )
2 Priyal Aggarwal Dr.H.B.Gadekar Comparison of 3rd and 4th gen ELISA HIV (Sample size:- )
3 Keta Thakkar Dr.Prasad Muley Positive predictive value of Tuberculin Units (1 TU and 2 TU) among the contacts of sputum positive Tuberculosis patients (Sample size:- )
4 Kalindi Bambhania (Medicine)   To study the bacteriological infections in precipitating acute exacerbations of 30 cases chronic bronchitis (A prospective cohort) attending Dhiraj General Hospital, Pipariya, Waghodia (Sample size: )
5 Mohit Joshi (Medicine) Dr.K. H. Patel Study of In-vivo resistance of P. Falciperum and P. Vivax to chloroquine (Sample size: )
6 Jhala Digant (Medicine) Dr.Nirmit Yajnik Screening rural population for Type 2 diabetes using a simplified Indian Diabetes Risk Score (IDRS) (Sample size: )
7 Pooja Patel (PSM) Dr. Ashish Trivedi  (Dept. of PSM) Study of contraceptive methods used in target couples in village of Waghodia town (Sample size:- )
8 Patel Arjav (Anatomy) Dr.K.M.Parmar Relationship between the recurrent Laryngeal nerve and inferior thyroid artery : A study in corpses (Sample size: )
9 Kotecha Druv (Anatomy) Dr.I.N.Wani Variation in position, length and diameter of Appendix in cadaver dissected in department of Anatomy, Smt.B.K.Shah Medical Institute & Research Centre, Pipariya (Sample size: )
10 Modi Kshitij (Anatomy) Dr.I.N.Wani To measure, record and assess the Height (length), with and thickness of patella in cadavers dissected in department of Anatomy, Smt.B.K.Shah Medical Institute & Research Center, Pipariya (Sample size: )
11 Gandhi Nell (Anatomy) Dr.K.M.Parmar Corrlation between femoral neck shaft angle and femoral length (Sample size: )
12 Patel Rajvee (Anatomy) Dr.(Mrs)Ila J.Gujaria Study of cephalic index in Medical students (Sample size: )

13 Mr.Tejas Mehta (Physiology)   Can Pulse Oximetric Saturation (SpOs)/Fraction of Inspired Oxygen (Fio2) Ratio Surrogate  Pao2/Fio2 Ratio in Diagnosing Acute Respiratory Failure (Sample size: 30)
14 Mr.Dhairya Lakhani (Pediatrics) Dr.Prasad Muley Correlation of Clinically Suspected Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) with reference to Chest Radiograph and Laboratory Parameters in Rural setup. (Sample size:- )
15 Ritu Joshi Dr. Sandeep Shah Screening for Dementia in rural Geriatric Population. (Sample size:-500 )
16 Dr. Sandhya Pillai Nair Dr.N.C.Shah “Bone mineral metabolism in diabetic individuals”
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