The Medical Education Unit (MEU) of SBKS MIRC was established since inception of the medical college. But the year 2009-2010 was gratifying in the sense that the MEU of the college was activated to a great extent. In the initial 6 months, 11 teachers of the college were trained at Regional Centre for faculty development, Smt NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad. These teachers took an initiative to form a core group with the idea to share their learning with other teachers of the college. The results were seen soon. In next 9 months, 4 in-house training programmes (one under observership of RC Coordinators) were organized successfully, training 86 teachers of the parent organization, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, including 74 teachers from the medical college and other from dental, physiotherapy, nursing and pharmacy. It was the dedication and coordinated efforts of the core group which played a pivotal role in this.

Since 2009 the MEU of SBKS MIRC is working dedicatedly to improve medical education in Sumandeep Vidyapeeth. The aim and objectives are as follows :

AIM: To bring a qualitative and quantitative change in the teaching-learning process for both undergraduate and post graduate students of the college.


  1. To develop quality medical teachers with in-service faculty development training for their role as teachers.
  2. To provide opportunities for those faculty members who are interested in medical education for research in medical education and related areas.
  3. To develop various teaching skills among postgraduate students so they can be good health professionals.
  4. To develop learning, research and communication skills in students.


  • MEU meets once in three months and need based additional meeting s were conducted.
  • Predetermined agenda circulated to all members, deliberate on agenda issues during meeting followed by action taken.
  • The office copies of all these proceedings are available in MEU record.


  • To enhance education technology skills of Faculties: Induction of newly joined teachers & refreshers for the existing teachers through regular conduction of Basic MET workshops under MCI observer from designated Nodal centre
  • To communicate with statutory council MCI and MCI nodal centre for various MEU activities
  • To inform university Faculty Development committee, institutional BoS and council as well as departments of institute about regulations and notifications from MCI & Nodal centre regarding Faculty Development
  • To contribute in policy development for university/institutional sponsorship to faculty members for academic & scientific Presentations at National & International level
  • To promote & encourage the faculties to take up Advance educational courses/ fellowships like FIME (Fellowship In Medical Education), FAIMER fellowship, etc.
  • To organize various academic & educational oriented programsworkshops for the Post Graduate students eg; Orientation program, Synopsis Writing workshop, PG MET workshop
  • To ensure proper feedback policy for various activities done under agies of MEU and regular improvement & enhancement on basis of it
  • Timely reporting of MEU activities to competent authorities