EBES – An innovative education system implemented by Sumandeep Vidyapeeth – A Concept

Research, research and more research! World of knowledge has now been flooded with studies….. 1500 new articles and 55 new randomized control trials are indexed in medical journals everyday, but how to select a reliable one and how to apply has now become a big question and that is where EBM( evidence based medicine) comes to our rescue. But the problem is not affecting just the medical field, it is universal……nursing, dental, physiotherapy, pharmacy….and even management streams are feeling the heat.

Hence, the need for EBES (evidence based education system) and not just EBM.

With this vision, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth has adapted this unique and innovative programme – EBES.The objective is to develop a way of thinking, a philosophy, a paradigm of the practice of medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing care, pharmacy and even health care management for the New Millennium.