Evidence Generating Community Health Intervention Project (EviGenCHIP) is unique iinovative programme initiated by Medical Education Unit of Smt B.K Shah medical institute & research centre. EviGenCHIP provides medical students to experience the rewards of group discussion, learning from insight of other participants and developing collective wisdom. It also give them opportunity to contribute generating evidence in the scientific community and make them problem solving.

Goal – The goal of programme is to provide medical students with a new learning experience through an intensely participatory process. Participants will be encouraged to identify health problems of local importance and evolve innovative approaches of research to learn the quality evidence generation, not conventionally thought of otherwise, and suggest best solution to solve them. At the end of two days, the participants in the groups of 5 to 6 would have identified the problem, refined it, discussed and prepared an action plan ofresearch for generating evidence which they will carry out in the subsequent 3 to 4 months. The end will be marked by preparing a report on project and its presentation / publication.

Mission – The Mission of EviGenCHIP for medical students of SBKS MI & RC is to sensitize them for importance of finding health problems of local relevance and to equip them with innovative skills of community based research thus the community based problem solving. The emphasis will be on quality evidence generation by good research methodology and suggest best solution for community health problem to make a difference, even if the numbers of the people who benefit out of them may be small. If found useful, the solutions may be replicated in subsequent studies involving larger number of beneficiaries. Equal emphasis will be on encouraging participants to generate information on health issues through cross-sectional surveys, or analysis of hospital records where such information is lacking. Subsequently this information may be used for identifying problems and devising their solutions.