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An evidence based decisions are always appreciated in management practices as a more rational and calculative decisions as it minimize the odds in success of decisions making process. Thus, to promote the evidence based management practice, The School of Management, as a pioneering institute, focuses on evidence based teaching and learning process. 

At School of Management, each and every student is oriented with Evidence Based Management Practices in the beginning of the program. The orientation program consists of following aspects.


  • Introduction to evidence based management Practice. Concept and its application.
  • Learning of internet. Acquaintance with important academic learning sites, databases and search engines. 
  • Evidence search : Collecting Data and Research Design Issues, Evidence of Effect vs. No Evidence
  • Research paper 
  • Dissertation & Thesis
  • Appraisal of Evidences for Decisions 
  • Why EBMP: Significance and benefit to various healthcare and other allied organizations. 
  • Problem based solution by evidence based practice. 
  • Acquaintance with Health information system and its application
  • Use of evidence to develop best management practice and strategies
  • Case Study & Discussion
  • Learning of advance search on internet: acquaintance with various national and international journals.
  • Levels of evidence.
  • Improving Data Quality & Usefulness
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Making Decisions Using Organizational Information & Knowledge by integrating Evidences
  • Critically Appraised Topics (CAT), 
  • Developing Research question


Over and above, theory course in the program is integrated with Evidence Based Management Practices in the following manner:

1. After completion of theory portion of each and every module of the course contents, there will be discussion on some relevant evidences in PICO format.

2. Small evidence searching exercise/assignment is given to the group of students under supervision of facilitator related with the thrust areas of the course contents (At least 40% of topics).

3. During the evidence searching exercise, the article that is best suited to the current practices will be included in the journal club and evidence based seminar presentation.

During the hospital posting hours there will be evidence searching exercise of at least one problem encountered in the following manner:

1. Identification of problem, Question formulation and searching the relevant databases for the evidence. (First two steps of evidence based decision making)

2. Critical appraisal of different types of research paper as per the hierarchy of evidence. (Third step of evidence based decision making).

3. Application of evidence in problem solving. (fourth step of evidence based decision making)

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