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This policy enables researchers to conduct small-scale research activities of the highest quality, that enable them to bid successfully for larger or small scale funding, and/or to publish high end research and generate intellectual property. Thereby, contribute towards the research objectives of the institute.

SVDU has awarded SIRO Certificate from Department of Science and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi, in April 2016. Since then, our faculty and researchers are eligible to get research funds from any of national funding agencies by participating in extramural call for research projects.


The primary objective of the proposed Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Research Funding Scheme is to support and facilitateour faculty and students to undertake quality research, consultancy and other related activities at the best of execution, assisted with financial support.


Sumandeep Vidyapeeth categorized two types of research projects as per their research budget. Namely, ‘Major’ research projects having budget more than INR 25,000/- while the ‘Minor’ research projects of which budget is less than INR 25,000/-.

Faculty shall apply for financial assistance of their project proposals under SVDU-Research Fund and Grant Scheme. The general guidelines for the SVRGFC funding is as mentioned below:

  1. Each faculty member is eligibleto apply for two projects in a year under this scheme. These projects should come from proper channel (forwarded from HoD/HoI). Funding is subjected to the approval from SV review and SVRGF committee.
  2. If proposed project work found under act of plagiarism, all benefits of scheme will be withdrawn and amount deducted from salary and further the faculty subjected to disciplinary action as per university rule.
  3. The faculty and research scholars are motivated to present their research work at nationaland international level.
  4. Annual research budget of the institute is allocated to be utilized on following heads:
    1. Revenue account- Research projects (staff, chemicals, travel)
    2. Capital account
      • Equipment, accessories
      • Specific lab development
      • Renovation of existing labs/infrastructure
  5. University provides financial support to the research projects up to Rs. 20 lacs as the upper limit of funds.All high end research projects are promoted to be submitted for extramural funding. For extramural research projects under review, university supports the project by financial assistance of 10% seed moneyfor smooth execution of the project and to avoid procedural waiting of the results.
  6. If the project is approved from external agency, it will be executed as routine procedure through external agency but if project does not get the extramural fund then university will provide the financial assistance up to the upper ceiling amount i.e. 20 Lacs. However, SVRGFC can sanction the financial assistance more than 20 Lacs in exceptional cases (high end research projects).
  7. All Institutes are required to submit utilization report of their allocated research budget to the Research Cell on half yearly basis in the standard format. This shall be included the fund disbursed in the current financial year as well as utilization of that budget in the respective heads of Research (i.e. funded projects, salary of staff, RIC, faculty development, others research activities)


*  Framed on 1st August 2015

*  Amended on23rdNov 2015 and 10thJune 2017