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Research Trust Area


  • Biochemical & Pharmacological investigation of some antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic drugs in combination with antioxidants on the levels of adipocytokines in metabolic syndrome.
  • Pharmacognostic profile and pharmacological effects of different parts of Moringa olifera plant.
  • Multidisciplinary Research Project of screening and detection, profile, follow-up and management including preventive and health education strategy of Sickle Hemoglobinopathy.
  • Phyto-pharmacological screening and formulation development of some medicinal mushroom.
  • Recombinant Gene Therapy in the preclinical phase for application in treating allergic conditions in collaboration with Century Pharmaceuticals and Hebrew University.
  • Novel drug delivery systems for osteoporosis and breast cancer.
  • MDR TB a continuous ongoing project to tackle the issue of MDR TB Tobacco and oral cancers early prevention strategies : developed a 2 point questionnaire to screen oral cancers
  • New vehicles development to deliver  drugs of vegetable origin using nanotechnology.
  • Research on Probiotics and its effect on Diarrhea.
  • Gastrointestinal Research in area of Ulcerative Colitis (identify gene associated with UC)
  • Metabolic Disorders– esp. Diabetes and identification of precipitating gene for predicting Diabetes. Outcome will be path breaking as will enable prevention of Diabetes by simply life style modification.
  • Work on Bariatric Surgery - a new answer to diabetes treatment?
  • Community Psychiatry Program in collaboration with MINDS foundation, USA is an ongoing program designed to deliver psychiatric services in the community - addressing the issues of awareness, stigma and mental health resource utilization.
  • Participation in various Phase II and Phase III studies.
  • Developed an Instrument for atraumatic retraction of the gingival tissue for Subgingival Prosthodontic instrumentation
  • An equipment designed to cure light cure tray material and indirect composite resin and for adaptation of vacuum tray material.
  • A novel tracer design to record centric relation incorporating the drawbacks of traditional Heights tracer design.
  • Phase III & Phase IV Clinical Studies