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Information for NRI Candidate


Information for NRI Candidate

All the candidates participating in online counselling for MD / MS /PG Diploma / MDS Seats of Deemed Universities for the current Academic Year 2018 – 19 are requested to go through the following directions / orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India dated 22/08/2017

(W.P. (C) No.689/2017- Consortium of Deemed Universities in Karnataka(CODEUNIK) & ANr. Vs.UOI & Ors.)


“Based upon the decision of Hon'ble Supreme Court referred herein above dated 13th November, 2006 has laid down a criteria for admission in NRI quota, the Samiti decides and resolves the criteria for granting the admissions in NRI quota, as under :

1) If the mother or father of student is NRI and residing abroad ordinarily, then, either of the situations so held will be WP(C) 689/2017 considered to be proper.

2) If the first degree relation of the student is NRI and residing abroad ordinarily, then in such circumstances also, qua this year, should be considered eligible. It is natural that such definition would include the real brother and sister over and above the mother-father of the first degree relation.

3) As per the definition revised by the Hon'ble Apex Court, interpretation of clause 3 thereof as not made limited but if made in a broad perspective, then, it is clear that the person who wanted to consider such student as ward (Palya), then, he be considered to be proper subject to compliance of the

following conditions :

a) He should be the nearest relation.

b) In the definition of the nearest relation, committee has considered following relative having blood relations.

i) Real brother and sister of father

i.e. real uncle and real aunt.

ii) Real brother and sister of mother

i.e. real maternal uncle and maternal aunt.

iii) Father and mother of father

i.e. grand father and grand mother.

iv) Father and mother of mother i.e. maternal grand father and maternal grand mother.

v) First degree-paternal and maternal cousins.

vi) Such person should be NRI.

c) Such persons should ordinarily be residing abroad.

d) Such person should have looked after such student as the guardian of the student and evidence to that effect WP(C) 689/2017 must have been produced before the committee by such person.

e) There should be affidavit with aforesaid fact.