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About Research Cell

  • Since June 2008, independent Research Cell has been working with the aim of providing thrust to the research activities to be carried out at Sumandeep Vidyapeeth.
  • The  Research  Cell  works  with  a  specific  perspective  of encouraging  the  faculty  of  the University in conducting research work - viz. writing basic research protocols, orientation to the regulatory requirements, managing all the research carried out within the ICH-GCP frame and looking after the Ethical requirements. The Research Cell also has a fully functional Institutional Ethics Committee and Animal Ethics Committee as per the requirement of regulatory bodies. There is individual Human Research Review Panel (HRRP) of the individual institute. All the institutes HRRP are following the general guideline so research cell and SOP of SVIEC which is also based on the ICMR, Schedule-Y and ICH – GCP guidelines.
  • SVDU has received DSIR recognition (SIRO certificate) in April 2016 and eligible for receiving external research grant from the national funding agencies. We at Research Cell encouraging our faculty for submission of high end research projects in collaboration with other eminent institutions in order to develop new processes and products from the bench to the bedside in a one go in order to improve quality and convenience of users. We also have collaboration with other national & International Universities, NGOs, Government agencies and industries, for execution of high end projects of societal interest.



  • The research vision of Sumandeep Vidyapeeth is to become a leading hub for innovative research that transforms healthcare through knowledge and innovative research practices

  • To execute translational research from bench to bed through hypothesis based, public health oriented, high impact research in clinical and para-clinical area


  • To encourage and facilitate faculty, research scholar and students to conduct high-end research

  • To develop various high end research proposals for research funding
  • To provide state of the art research infrastructure for faculty and other researchersfor interdisciplinary research
  • To support faculty and students to generate local evidences which helps to develop state or national health policy through translational research
  • To encourage students for conducting research projects by providing the necessary direction and seed funds
  • To support clinical trials which are sponsored from industry or other research organizations
  • To support research via development and implementation of ethical guidelines related to human and animal trials.
  • To develop community extension cell of SumandeepVidyapeeth for various community based activities & research under ISR unit



Dr. A.K. Seth

M. Pharm., PhD (Pharmaceutics)


Dr. Niraj Pandit

MD (Community Health)



Dr.Maneesh Jaiswal

M. Pharm., PhD (Biomedical Engineering)




Project Coordinator

Mr. Dipesh Dave

Research Associate

Ms.Shilpa Thakur

Research Assistant

Mr.Ronak Shah

Research Clerk

Mrs. Hemali Shukla

Research Clerk

Ms. Leela Makwana