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The Department of Prosthodontics is concerned with the replacement of teeth and associated structures that have been lost because of disease or due to birth defects. These prosthesis can be removable or fixed. They take support from healthy soft tissues, teeth and/ or implants. However health of these tissues is primarily required to ensure successful prosthetic longevity. Dentures form the main type of treatment in the department. These require a minimum of five appointments and are made in high quality acrylic. Dentures that replace few teeth are made in acrylic or metal. Single tooth replacements are made by fixed options of tooth supported or implant supported. These teeth replacements can be made in metal, ceramic, combination of metal and ceramic or all ceramic. In addition to this the department used many newer advance techniques for retention of prosthesis like attachments and implants. People who have defects inside the mouth or loss of ear, nose, eye or fingers lost by birth, trauma or cancer can get artificial life like replacements using maxillofacial prosthesis. All these replacements look life like, esthetic and help in improving the quality of life by enhancing function, phonetics and comfort of the patient. Maintaining these prostheses requires an attempt from the patient to clean and store when not in use. Fixed prosthesis and implants need maintenance just like natural teeth.


So dear patients we as Prosthodontists say ‘it is more important to preserve what is left in the mouth rather than just replacement….. but when it is needed to be replaced we shall replace them to as close as nature as possible’.




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